Main beach from both sides

Paleokastritsa is on the west coast of Corfu island and consists of six beautiful coves with sandy beaches, surrounded by green forests and olive trees. The lush green vegetation intrudes all the way to the shore line where rugged rocks and Ionian waves do their best to repel them. The rocky shore is a great place for seaside activities with numerous beaches nestled among abrupt cliffs where one can relax under the sun, while small grottos and caves reward those who venture further out at sea with paddle boats or canoes.
Local tavernas are renowned for serving up the town's delicious catches. In promontory about a mile from the beach. A medieval castle, Angelokastro, overlooks the area, sited on a hilltop which can be reached by a very scenic drive via the village of Lakones, or on foot, though the walk is arduous.
This resort is famous for its breathtaking beauty and magnificent scenery. Paleokastritsa is the type of place where you will quickly make friends with locals and be drawn back to its beauty and charm again and again. Retaining a fairly laid back atmosphere this is the perfect retreat for families and anyone wishing to escape the bustle of every day life, although the resort does get rather busy with `day trips` wanting to capture the beautiful views such as those from the "Bella Vista" on film.

The monastery of Paleokastritsa was founded in 1225, while the buildings in their present state date back to the 18th century. It is a great place to enjoy a peaceful sunset overlooking the Ionian sea . There is a small museum in the monastery with Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons and a skeleton of a mammoth (or some other prehistoric fossilized beast). A visitor comments “I was curious to see a prehistoric skeleton in the monastery to say the least, but I am sure it has fed many legends from travelers who came upon such beast over the centuries”. The little souvenir store inside the monastery is the perfect place to buy hand crafted gifts.

Temperaures: Mild winters rarely lows under 10 °C / 50 °F "an ideal destination to escape a heavy winter." Summer rarely highs more than upper 90s
Time: GMT +2 (GMT +3 between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October).
Electricity: 220 volts, 50Hz. A variety of plugs are in use including the European-style two-pin.

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